Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Job description of Cashier

As we all know, a cashier plays a very crucial role in an organization’s day-to-day activities. The primary job duties of a cashier involve handling of monetary transactions properly and in an efficient manner. In order to land up with a good cashier career, there are certain skills and knowledge that a candidate should possess. Read on to know more.

  • Should be well versed with different types of money handling techniques
  • Should have knowledge of general cash receipts, billing systems as well as lock box
  • Should be able to prepare statistical summary sheets
  • Should be able to receive and make payments to customers
  • Should be able to read, count, and write to accurately complete all documentation procedures
  • Should have knowledge of computers
  • Should be able to read, understand and apply oral as well as written policies of the organization regarding cash handling and monetary transactions
  • Should be polite and should be able to deal with the customers and resolve their queries, if any, in a polite manner
  • Should have good interpersonal skills

These are some of the basic cashier job description. Hence, in order to land up with a good job in a reputed organization, you should keep these points in mind in addition to the required academic qualifications.

Job Specification for Sales Associate

Today, organizations offer various positions in the field of sales. The primary job responsibility of a sales associate is to sell an organization’s products and services in order to generate more revenue for the organization. To know more about the primary job duties of a sales associate, just read on. Sales Job descriptions

Some of the job specifications of a sales associate include the following:

  • Help the customers who visit department stores or malls with their purchase requirements
  • Develop a full fledged monthly or quarterly sales plan for the organization
  • Take part in various sales shows as well as events
  • Provide product demonstration to customers
  • File sales reports in an efficient manner
  • Contact customers over phone for promoting the organization’s products and services
  • Accept the sales manager’s feedback and make it a point to improve performance if it is not up to the mark
  • Maintain a proper customer relationship management database and enter the requirement of customers everyday
  • Maintain a good relationship with the delivery department and ensure that the products are delivered on time to the right customers according to their specifications.

These are some of the primary job duties of a sales associate irrespective of whether he or she is working in a FMCG company, automobile company or any other company.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Retail Operations Manager Job specifications

A retail operations manager’s specifications encompass all aspects in a retail business. Their specifications vary from business to business but their main role is to make sure that all employees are working together to satisfy customers and bring profit to the company. Aside from overseeing the whole operation of the retail business, they can also perform other duties as needed. Here are some of the major job duties of a retail operations manager.

Retail job duties

  • Supervise and manage the staff teams
  • Manage projects, create timelines, set goals, meet with workers and make sure everything’s in the right track
  • Work with clients and prospect clients
  • Resolve daily issues that the lower level workers cannot resolve
  • Find ways to improve the work staff
  • Taking stock of merchandise and oversee how stocks are acquired
  • Participate in billing processes and in the financial aspect of the retail business
  • Retail Resume Templates

Medical Office Receptionist Job Specifications

Medical receptionists are the middlemen between patients and the medical staff. They are the first to get in contact with patients and their families. Like any entry level office job, they sit behind a desk or a counter to interact with the people coming in an out if the medical facility they work in. medical office receptionist job specifications are listed below.

  • Create, maintain and update patient medical records and files
  • Keep track of files that are being moved from category to category
  • Monitor waiting rooms, assist check-ins and check-outs and answer queries
  • Keep the front desk neat and organized
  • Coordinate supply deliveries, arrange pharmaceutical appointments, schedule patient appointments, schedule medical procedures and lab work, answer phone calls and make phone calls
  • Verify coverage and get approval of insurance companies regarding medical requests and expenses of patients
  • Send billing and billing information to patients, collect payment and issue receipts
  • medical job duties

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Components of Job specifications

Job specifications is a wide term under which comes different aspects of a person’s character, knowledge, skills, qualifications, experience, and abilities that a company believes are necessary in successful performance in a particular task. These job specifications are developed from job analysis, and the criteria set for the specific job description. Meeting the candidates, talking or emailing them may also help determine these requirements.

There are different components that are part of job specifications

Qualifications: These comprise of the education Requirements, degrees, certifications and marks of an individual, especially in case of a fresher

Experience: Job experience would consist of the number of years spent in that particular field for which one is applying

Skills and Knowledge: These may include different skills, theoretical, practical and technical knowledge, required for a particular job

Physical or personal characteristics: They may include the inherent characteristics of the individual which are very necessary for determining a candidate’s personal and professional aptitude.

For example, in the field of media, one would require a degree or diploma in mass communication or a specialized field. He or she should have excellent communication skills, must be presentable especially for visual media, should be hardworking, have mastery over language, good analytical skills and must possess presence of mind.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Importance of Job specifications

Job specifications consist of the characteristics of the duties associated with the job and the job description. They comprise the skill sets, attributes and qualifications that a candidate should possess for a particular job position.

By skills we mean the personal talents that a person possesses that aid him in a task. These skills may include technical skills, education, mental skills like knowledge, aptitude, IQ or physical skills like height, weight, sight, hearing, poise etc. These job specifications are logical deductions of job requirements and hence they change accordingly. There are some specifications which also act as a handicap to successful performance. These are also taken into account by the recruiter who looks to avoid them as far as possible.

These job specifications make the work of the recruiter much easier and help him in the selection process by focusing on a specific group of candidates who would qualify the specifications requirements.

We can highlight these points by taking the example of the human resource or the HR department. Candidates interested in this field need to possess good organisational and communication skills — both verbal and written. They must be team players, and use discretion in exercising confidentiality. Education-wise they must have a degree or diploma in business management with specialisation in human resource.

Characteristics of Job specifications

Every job consists of certain responsibilities to be followed by a person who possesses certain qualities necessary in order to be successful in that particular position. These are known as job specifications, man or employee specifications, and are formed depending on the job description. It basically means the attributes required in a candidate for the effective performance in that specific task.

Job specifications can comprise these characteristics:

Personal qualities and information like age, sex, marital status, education, hobbies, extra co-curricular activities, job experience etc. These are the basic attributes of an individual and are extremely important in understanding if he is fit for the job or not.

External aspects mostly dealing with the physical features are also required in some jobs like the armed forces, aviation sector, media, modeling etc. They include characteristics like height, weight, vision, hearing, voice, posture, hand motor coordination and overall health.

Mental characteristics are very important in judging a candidate. These include intelligence, aptitude, IQ, attention, memory, judgment, foresight, ability to concentrate, etc.

Social and psychological characteristics are also given importance nowadays. They mean communication skills, interpersonal skills, emotional ability, flexibility, manners, etiquette, attitude, values, imagination creativity etc.

All these factors together constitute job specifications that help in the selection of the ideal candidate of a particular job.