Saturday, December 4, 2010

Retail Operations Manager Job specifications

A retail operations manager’s specifications encompass all aspects in a retail business. Their specifications vary from business to business but their main role is to make sure that all employees are working together to satisfy customers and bring profit to the company. Aside from overseeing the whole operation of the retail business, they can also perform other duties as needed. Here are some of the major job duties of a retail operations manager.

Retail job duties

  • Supervise and manage the staff teams
  • Manage projects, create timelines, set goals, meet with workers and make sure everything’s in the right track
  • Work with clients and prospect clients
  • Resolve daily issues that the lower level workers cannot resolve
  • Find ways to improve the work staff
  • Taking stock of merchandise and oversee how stocks are acquired
  • Participate in billing processes and in the financial aspect of the retail business
  • Retail Resume Templates

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